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is it truly safer?


World’s first certified PlastiPure-Safe™ EA-Free baby
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PlastiPure Evaluates

PlastiPure evaluates materials, packaging, and products to determine if they leach chemicals with estrogenic activity (EA). PlastiPure uses its predictive models, large product database, and testing results from strategic partner CertiChem for this assessment.

PlastiPure Resolves

If chemicals with EA are found to be leaching, PlastiPure works directly with material, packaging, and product manufacturers, using our patented technologies to minimize or eliminate chemicals with EA leaching from their products.

PLP_Seal_Safe_EAFreePlastiPure Certifies

PlastiPure certifies products to be PlastiPure-Safe® EA-Free when they comply with this higher safety level. The seal shows consumers that products and packaging meet or exceed this standard.


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