At PlastiPure, we know how complex the questions surrounding safer products and materials can be. Whether you need to know more about estrogenic activity, the benefits of different materials, or how to partner with us to provide a safer product, we have information to help you find your answers. 



Peer Reviewed Research

  • Overview of PlastiPure’s Peer-Reviewed Scientific Research

  • Scientific Journal Articles

    “Chemicals having estrogenic activity can be released from some bisphenol a-free, hard and clear, thermoplastic resins” in Environmental Health, November 2014. “Estrogenic chemicals often leach from BPA-free plastic products that are replacements for BPA-containing polycarbonate products” in Environmental Health, May 2014. “A robotic BG1Luc reporter assay to detect estrogen receptor agonists” in…more


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