PlastiPure provides these leading-edge technical services.

Product Evaluation

Product Design and Remediation

EA-Free Certification


Business Models

Testing Only

PlastiPure can make testing recommendations, prepare samples, and assay customer-provided samples for a fee. To best estimate the number of tests required, the number of test stresses (i.e., sunlight) is multiplied by the number of extractants (i.e., water), and then by the number of samples (i.e., baby bottle, collar, and nipple). Per-test pricing generally ranges from $500 to $2450, depending on the sample preparation required and the number of tests requested.

Testing, Remediation, and EA-Free Certification

In addition to the testing-only model, PlastiPure offers a more strategic partnering option where we can provide remediation and development knowledge built over 15 years to create EA-free products. Included in this model are testing, remediation, consulting, and PlastiPure-Safe® EA-Free certification services. Pricing for this work is generally an upfront fee to cover initial testing and development, followed by an ongoing quarterly fee for continued compliance testing and PlastiPure-Safe® EA-Free certification. Depending on the level of requested co-development of a new product, PlastiPure may also charge a royalty. Ultimately, pricing is dependent on the product complexity (e.g., number of parts to be developed and tested) and production volumes.  



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