Product Design and Remediation

At PlastiPure, we work with your company to design new EA-free products or remediate your current products to be EA-free, earning certification as PlastiPure-Safe® EA-Free.

A finished product is the combination of many materials, some of which are themselves a mixture of materials. If any material has EA, then the final product is likely to have EA as well.

PlastiPure looks at a product’s supply chain and processing methods to identify potential sources of estrogenic chemicals such as the monomers, additives, processing aids, decoration, and much more. This method allows for a potential EA-free product to be made from multiple small substitutions throughout the supply chain each of which could be dropped in and be comparably priced. Since PlastiPure has already tested thousands of materials, colorants, additives, and more, we can usually suggest equivalent alternatives. 


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